Gifts to the Yanks who Gave

The GIFTS TO THE YANKS WHO GAVE program was instituted in 1944 to remember our hospitalized War Veterans.

The American Legion, Department of Illinois, has maintained this worthy program continuously since its inception by distributing gifts annually to each of our veteran patients at all of the V.A.  Hospitals and extended care units throughout Illinois.

The GIFTS TO THE YANKS program has had the continuous support and cooperation of our American Legion Posts and Auxiliary Units, the S.A.L., 40/8, 8/40 as well as receiving private contributions from individuals, businesses and other veteran organizations.

The last sentence of our Legion Preamble asks us to consecrate and sanctify our Comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulnessand part of the opening prayer at our meetings includes “we ask thy blessing and comfort for those Comrades who are  suffering mental and physical disability. Cheer them and bring back to them the   blessing of health and happiness.”  Many of our Comrades are hospitalized and in need of  the “Mutual Helpfulness, Cheer and Happiness.”

 For God and Country we sincerely thank you for your support!

Gifts for the Yanks have Arrived!
Gifts for the Yanks have Arrived!

Lake Zurich Post 964 members deliver gifts to the veterans of Lexington Healthcare Center.

GIFTS TO THE YANKS WHO GAVE COMMITTEE shall solicit and obtain funds with which to purchase gifts and shall distribute such to veterans at Christmas time.


The duties and responsibilities to the Gifts To The Yanks Who Gave Program and its activities are:

  • Year round soliciting and collecting of the funds necessary for the continuance of this program.
  • Purchasing of the gifts to be distributed to our hospitalized comrades in VA hospitals and extended care facilities.
  • Purchasing of necessary supplies.
  • Storing, wrapping, shipping, etc. of these gifts.
  • All necessary controlling of the funds, maintaining of records, submitting a written report semi-annually to the Finance Commission, and working closely with the Office.
  • Completing and mailing of acknowledgments cards and citations.
  • Distributing of special awards.


  1. Direct contributions from Post or Units
  2. Solicit individuals at Post Meetings and functions
  3. Raffles
  4. Fund Raisers
  5. Mailings (with contribution forms) to your members
  6. Tag Day in your town or county
  7. Personal donation (just fill out the contribution form and mail it in TODAY)
  8. Collection Canisters:
    1. At Post bar, food line, etc.
    2. In local businesses, stores, taverns, etc. (ask permission first)
    3. At work


Chairman: Jeffrey Cox
Vice Chairman: Francis "Dutch" Jancek

Members: Joe Hedrick, John Gleckler, Paul Augsburger