Premier Boys State

Premier Boys State...a week to  shape a lifetime: each year since 1935, The Illinois Department of The American Legion has conducted a week long learning experience into the democratic form of government, called Premier Boys State.  Illinois was the first program in the nation. Premier Boys State offers more than 350 young men who attend a session annually, an opportunity to learn first hand the inner workings of a political party, and to apply this  knowledge in actual practice. We don't guarantee that a young man who attends Premier Boys State will grow up to be successful . . . but we'll give you odds.

Pre Registration is now open for the June 10-16, 2023 Boys State Session.  There is no cost to pre register. 

PREMIER BOYS STATE COMMITTEE The American Legion Premier Boys State Committee shall promote the operation and continuance of Premier Boys State as a program to develop good  citizens by inspiring the youth of Illinois to take a more active and intelligent interest in the operation of government; and shall participate in all arrangement for the Boys State term.


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Chairman: Christopher H. Benigno (2 Div)

Vice Chairman: Laimutis A. "Limey" Nargelenas (4 Div)

Secretary: John B. Reece, Jr. (2 Div)

Executive Director: Christopher Benigno (2 Div)

Finance Officer: Wayne Wagner (4 Div)

*To serve until Fall Meeting 2022

  • Laimutis A. "Limey" Nargelenas
  • Martin J. Zvonar

*To serve until Fall Meeting 2023

  • John B. Reece, Jr.
  • Paul T. Brown








*To serve until Fall Meeting 2024

  • Wayne V. Madson
  • Charles L. Mueth
  • Jeffrey A. Brown (SAL Liaison)

*To serve until Fall Meeting 2025

  • James Talaska
  • Derrick D. Stinson
  • Michael Vozar (SAL Liaison)








*To serve until Fall Meeting 2026

  • Joseph McCraith, Jr.
  • Mac Meade
  • David Fever (SAL Liaison)

*To serve until Fall Meeting 2027

  • Hsienjan Huang
  • Christopher H. Benigno
  • Wayne Wagner