Legislative Commission

The American Legion legislative program...Your link to your senators and congressmen: The American Legion maintains a strong and active legislative program within the Department of Illinois.  Our Legislative Committee monitors the activity of the members of the Illinois General Assembly as well as our duly-elected officials on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  The Department Legislative Committee helps sponsor bills and resolutions affecting veterans and their families. You say veterans benefits are not important???  Just wait until you need them and you don't have them.

LEGISLATIVE COMMISSION shall accept resolutions requiring legislative action passed at the Department Convention, Cause Appropriate bills to be drawn in proper form by the Illinois Legislative Reference Bureau, and secure sponsors for such bills in both the Illinois House and Senate. Testimony before Legislative Commission will be presented by individuals indicated by the Legislative Commission Chairman and appropriate monthly reports will be made.  Assistance will be given on Federal Legislation when requested by the National Legislative Director, or such other authorized person on the National level.


Chairman: Laimutis "Limey" Nargelenas
Vice Chairman: Kevin Kilkenny

Members: Ken Trumbull, Paul Gardner, Larry Miller