Internal Affairs

INTERNAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION* shall study, formulate and recommend policies and to oversee the implementation of adopted policies relating to activities conducted for organizational purposes, including, but not limited to, such as, do not properly come within the scope of any other Department Commission; further to review and give guidance to the necessary administrative operation of the Department Headquarters, and all commissions and committees, to see that they are consistent with the objective of the American Legion and remain active. The Commission is charged with responsibility of initiating methods for the identification, locating, and marking of graves and permanent memorials of graves of veterans in the State of Illinois. The Commission shall recommend policies regarding the Energy and Pollution program. The Commission shall meet at least 21 days prior to the state convention to receive and consider all resolutions, and to transmit same with or without recommendations to the appropriate convention committee. A joint review by the Internal Affairs Commission, Commander’s Advisory Committee and Finance Commission shall be held to approve all fund raising projects and expenditures in excess of current expenditure cap rate. *See Individual Committees Appointed to Administer these Programs.


Chairman: Al Coughlin
Vice Chairman: Roy E. Smith


*to serve until Fall meeting 2022

(1DIV) Al Coughlin

(2DIV) Robert E Howe, Jr.

(3DIV) W. Wayne Erickson, Sr.

*to serve until Fall meeting 2023

(4DIV) Iris M. Kirschner

(5DIV) Roy E. Smith