Public Relations & Information Exchange


Public Relations and Information Exchange are primarily about the Image of The American Legion.

At every level, it is our job to inform, enlighten, persuade and convince our members, the media, local and national elected officials, community members and U.S. citizens about who we are and what we do.


Every year, posts provide assistance to veterans and their families, conduct fundraisers, sponsor sports teams, assist in community programs in time of need just to name a few. All which should be shared with the local Media to tell our story.

If they are not shared, The American Legion has NO image in your area.


The Public Relations/Information Exchange Committee feels that by creating an annual Award to be   given at the Department Convention definitely increase the participation in telling our great story.

The award will be given to recognize the winning submission of Posts achievements based in their membership levels and local Media Source supporting The American Legion image in any area that they serve.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/INFORMATION EXCHANGE The Office Public Relations /Information Exchange serves as the central communications/public information operation for The American Legion Department of Illinois. Our Mission is to communicate in a proactive manner the goals, agenda and accomplishments of The American Legion to a broad-based constituency—particularly to such primary audiences as state legislators; key national, and local media; key business and industry leaders and other key decision–makers, as well as the public at large.  We also aim to shape the image of The American Legion as a highly accessible, veteran service-oriented organization.


Chairman:  Paul Garrett
Vice Chairman: Gary Granberg

Members: Georgiann Callaway, Charles Granholm, Stephen Welty