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Community Service and Publicity Creates...


An outstanding, well organized, perfectly executed and well publicized Community Service Program is one of the major responsibilities of every American Legion Post.

Regardless of the many other activities in your Post, COMMUNITY SERVICE MUST GO ON, in order to retain your prestige of intelligent leadership and to hold the position of being the most unselfish, active veterans organization in your community.

There are two aspects of Community Service; First, the ACTION program requiring pre-selection of the activity, planning, carry-out and completion; Second, the REACTION program is a spontaneous decision dictated by nature (floods, tornadoes, disasters, etc.) and our humanitarian response is dictated by the heart. It is the ACTION program that fulfills our obligation in the PREAMBLE to the Constitution of The American Legion in the words, "To inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation."



The great future destiny of The American Legion does not lie in nationwide concepts. It rests upon the vision of Legionnaires everywhere, of what they can do locally as enthusiastic individuals and as organized groups for their hometowns. The key to this is the spirit of COMMUNITY SERVICE. In the spirit of COMMUNITY SERVICE lies the great promise of tomorrow for The American Legion

To all post Commanders and Adjutants

On behalf of the members of the Community Service and Publicity Committee, I want to express our appreciation to the Department Headquarters Staff for their excellent cooperation during the past year. I also want to thank all the Posts who participated in the Hall of Fame Award Program, Post Scrapbook, Post Newsletter and the Department Commander's Award Program. This is what makes everyone aware of our Program - Participation. It is this Committee's intention to make all Legion Posts in the Department more aware of what Community Service is all about. Let's be proud of this Program, and then let's report our Program.

Lomac A. Payton, Chairman
Community Service Committee


“The American Legion Family Can Make a Strong Community & Nation”


Chairman: Ronald E. Hoffman
Vice Chairman: Josephina Frances

Members by Division:

  1. Josephina Francis
  2. John W. Davis
  3. TBD
  4. Ronald E. Hoffman
  5. Harry A. Rahlfs