Chairmen and Vice Chairmen 2019-2020

Americanism Commission
Chairman: Michael Carder
Vice Chrm: Celeste Latham

Chairman: Donald Wallis
Vice Chrm: Harry Rakers

Boy Scout
Chairman: Albert P. Gangolf
Vice Chrm: Leon Kraut

Community Service
Chairman: Ronald E. Hoffman
Vice Chrm: Josepfina Frances

Premier Boys State
Chairman: Christopher H. Benigno

Religious Emphasis
Chairman: Ralph Rounds
Vice Chrm: Danny Eison

Children & Youth
Chairman: David Johnson
Vice Chrm: Rick Schomer

Education & Scholarship
Chairman: William Z. Slider
Vice Chrm: George D. "Don" Horn

Constitution & By-Laws
Chairman: Paul Gardner
Vice Chrm: Harry Bedney

Veterans Employment & Education
Chairman: Dennis R. Tipsword
Vice Chrm: Norman Flowers

Chairman: Myron D. Kirby
Vice Chrm: William J. Flanagan

Trust Fund
Chairman: Hon. Vincent M. Gaughan
Vice Chrm: Michael E. Walton

Internal Affairs Commission
Chairman: Al Coughlin
Vice Chrm: W. Wayne Erickson

Disaster Relief
Chairman: Thomas Marciciak
Vice Chrm: Denver Phelps

Membership and Post Activities
Chairman: Delmar Buske

S. A. L. Liaison
Chairman: William J. Flanagan
Vice Chrm: John Davis

State Fair Veterans Day and Uniformed Groups
Chairman: Larry Miller
Vice Chrm: Craig Fetzer

Chairman: S. Carter Corsello
Vice Chrm: Michael R. Monroe

Legislative Commission
Chariman: Kevin Kilkenny
Vice Chrm: Larry Miller

National Security
Chairman: Robert F. Zimbelman
Vice Chrm: Roy Weber

Chairman: Sam Rice
Vice Chrm: Derrick Stinson

Safety Law & Order
Chairman: Amanda Congdon
Vice Chrm: Wayne Madson

Veterans' Affairs & Rehabilitation
Chairman: Rodger Bennett
Vice Chrm: J. Tom Nebgen

Gifts to the Yanks Who Gave
Chairman: John Gleckler
Vice Chrm: Joseph Hedrick

Poppy Sales/Production
Chairman: Denver Phelps
Vice Chrm: William Copple

Veterans' Assistance Liaison
Chairman: Ashley C. "Dave" Davis
Vice Chrm: Mark Young

Veterans' Home Advisory
Chariman: Roger Schwengel
Vice Chrm: Ronald E. Shapland

Commander's Advisory
Chairman: David Hicks
Vice Chrm: Paul Gardner

Flag Alliance
Chairman: Gregory Jacobs
Vice Chrm: Edna Taylor

National Cemetery/Monument
Chariman: Edna Taylor
Vice Chrm: Gary Stieg

Public Relations/ Information Exchange
Chairman: Paul Garrett
Vice Chrm: Celeste Latham

American Legion Riders
Chairman: Joe Lampert
Vice Chrm: Roy E. Smith

Legion Leadership
Chairman: Paul W. Gardner
Vice Chrm: Michelle M. Aaron