FINANCE COMMISSION shall be charged with the preparation of the annual budget and the control of all funds and accounts under the budget, proper reporting of financial activities, section of annual certified audit firm and such other duties as prescribed by the Department Executive Committee.  Committees, funds and restricted items assigned for supervision and coordination are: Insurance, and Employees’ Pension Trust Fund Committees, all funds received by the Department specified for restricted purposes, income other than from dues, and restricted surplus accounts. A joint review by the Internal Affairs Commission, commander’s Advisory Committee and the Finance Commission shall be held to approve all Fund raising projects and expenditures in excess of current expenditure cap rate.


Chairman/Department Treasurer:  Myron D. Kirby
Vice Chairman: Bill Flanagan


*to serve until Fall meeting 2022

(1DIV) George Callaway

(2DIV) Ron Carlson

(3DIV) David M. Hicks

*to serve until Fall meeting 2023

(4DIV) Myron D. Kirby

(4DIV) Robert "Bob" Henderson

(5DIV) Bill Flanagan