Americanism Commission

AMERICANISM COMMISSION Shall promote patriotism and good citizenship through patriotic observances, patriotic and civic instruction in schools, disseminate scholarship information, and develop scholarship programs within the Department, etc., Americanization of aliens, youth activities such as Premier Boys State, Boy ScoutsOratorical Contests, Americanism Essay Contests, School Awards, Baseball, Flag Etiquette and other similar community services. In addition, the Americanism Commission shall propagate an interest in and a furtherance of principles of Americanism as in and furtherance of principles of Americanism as advocated by The American Legion throughout the state of Illinois using the agencies of the Department of Illinois and Posts of The American Legion and its affiliated bodies, as well as other patriotic organizations of like kind.  *See individual Committees appointed to administer these programs.

Americanism Essay Contest

Oratorical Contest Brochure

Oratorical Contest Application


Oratorical: to Division 13 January

Oratorical: to Department 20 January

Oratorical participants must be available for Department contest 2-3 March and

National contest 21-23 April 2023



Chairman: Micheal M. Carder
Vice Chairman: Jimmy D. Nagel

Chairman Emeritas: Philip H. Mette

Members by Division:

  1. Micheal M. Carder
  2. Celeste N. Latham
  3. Norman W. Flowers, Jr.
  4. Jimmy Nagel
  5. Ralph W. Rounds, II