Legion Riders


Participate in parades and other ceremonies that are in keeping with the aims and purposes of the American Legion.

Promote motorcycle safety programs and to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share the same interest.

Use our association to promote and support programs of the American Legion.


We all do!

Many of the ALR groups in existence today found some of their Post members reluctant to let a group of “Bikers” in to their Post.  After seeing what these groups were doing for the American Legion those Post member opinions changed.  Not only did the Post   welcome them, but in most cases helped support the ALR’s efforts by participating in their fundraising events.  ALR members also volunteer for Post programs.  They’ve found that even though one person wears a leather motorcycle jacket and another wears a golf shirt, they can still work together to promote the aims and purposes of the American Legion.  The American Legion Riders were never intended to be a “Motorcycle Club”  It was formed to work with the local Post to assist in promoting the American Legion.

Every Post program if the American Legion Riders has brought in members who may not have joined the American Legion were it not for the Riders.  Some of the members who joined for the Legion Riders program have gone on to serve as officers within their Post.  Post members have also purchased motorcycles in order to join the Riders.

The program was designed so people can work together and enjoy themselves.  Whether it’s a group of Riders working on a fundraiser, enjoying a warm summer evening ride together or just sitting at the Post sharing stories.  It’s all about members working together and playing together.

LEGION RIDERS COMMITTEE shall be under the operational guidance of the Internal Affairs Commission and is responsible for oversight of the Illinois American Legion Riders program. It’d duty is to provide direction and supervision of the program and recommend policy decisions to the Internal Affairs Commission their approval and that of the Department Executive Committee.




Chairman: Joe Lampert
Vice Chairman: Roy E. Smith

Members by division:

  1. Joe Lampert
  2. Ed Stash
  3. William J. Seward
  4. Mike E. Edmonds
  5. Roy E. Smith