State Fair/Veterans Day

STATE FAIR VETERANS’ DAY AND UNIFORMED GROUPS COMMITTEE shall publicize the Illinois State Fair Veterans’ Day Program throughout The American Legion, Department of Illinois; encourage each and every Post having an eligible unit to participate in the annual program. The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are to help on Veterans’ Day at the Illinois State Fair. Members are assigned their duty by the superintendent of the fair. This Committee shall promote the organization, maintenance and sponsorship of the various types of musical and drill groups by the local Post, District, and County Council. They shall arrange for competitions, and prescribe the rules therefore, conforming to mandates of the National and Department Convention.

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Chairman: Larry J. Miller
Vice Chairman: James Talaska


*to serve until Fall meeting 2022

(4DIV) Chella Yeakel

(5DIV) Larry J. Miller

*to serve until Fall meeting 2023

(1DIV) James Kostka

(2DIV) Thomas C. Lynch

(3DIV) James Talaska