Children & Youth

CHILDREN & YOUTH COMMISSION* shall study, formulate, recommend, and implement plans, programs, and activities designed to assure care and protection for the children of veterans and to improve conditions for all children and youth with due concern for maintaining the integrity of the family home, prevention of social and physical ills of children and youth where possible, utilizing services agencies for children and youth, Special Olympics, and maintaining a balanced program that provides for their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. This commission shall sponsor District and County conferences wherein all agencies interested in Child Welfare shall be invited to attend so as to coordinate progress. *See individual Committee appointed to administer these programs.


Chairman: Cheri L. Stanton
Vice Chairman: David E. Johnson

Members by Division

  1. Jan Lepinski
  2. David E. Johnson
  3. Cheri L. Stanton
  4. Terry Abdelnour
  5. Lora Delapp