We Provide Community and Support to America's Veterans

Join over 130,000 fellow veterans who answered the call to serve their country just like you. Be part of an organization enriching lives and making a difference in their communities.

Member Benefits

  1.  Veterans representation with the VA
  2. Temporary Financial Assistance
  3. Disaster relief
  4. Scholarships
  5. Veterans services
  6. Opportunities to continue serving veterans

10 Good Reasons You Should Join the Legion

  1. Your Membership Card is a passport to friendship and hospitality.
  2. Rehabilitation of the Veteran and his family is always our prime concern.
  3. The American Legion Legislative Program is your link to your senators and congressmen.
  4. The American Legion Baseball Program is second to none.
  5. Premier Boys State is a week to shape a lifetime.
  6. Special Olympics is a person to person program.
  7. Oratorical is the youth of today speaking out on the Constitution.
  8. Like Sports? The American Legion has it.
  9. Gifts to hospitalized war Veterans.
  10. The tenth and final reason for belonging to the Illinois Department of The  American Legion is spelled out in three little letters... Y-O-U!

Veterans Services

We are here to help! Our veteran services provide gifts, assistance, technology, rehabilitation and more to our Legionnaires. We take care of our veterans and provide opportunities for you to support fellow veterans as well.