Military License Plate Decals

Universal Veterans License Plates

An individual interested in the Universal License Plate "The Universal Veterans License Plates" are now available through the office of the Secretary of State. Decals depicting Branch of Service and Theater of Action to be affixed to these plates are being distributed through Department Headquarters.

Below are samples of the decals and how they are affixed tot the plate, along with available decals for purchase. These decals will not fit the motorcycle plate. There are no plans to produce a decal to fit the motorcycle plate.

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Theater of Action/Award @ $4 each

$4 each

Branch of Service @ $5 each

$5 each

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Theater of Action Decals Available


  • Afghanistan Veterans
  • Atomic Veterans
  • Bosnia Veterans
  • Cambodia Veterans
  • Combat Veterans
  • Cuba Veterans
  • Desert Storm Veterans
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Dominican Republic Veterans
  • Grenada Veterans
  • Haiti Veterans
  • Iraqi Freedom
  • Korea Veterans
  • Korean Era Veterans
  • Laos Veterans
  • Lebanon Veterans
  • Panama Veterans
  • Persian Gulf Veterans
  • Silver Star
  • Somalia Veterans
  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Vietnam Era Veterans
  • WWII Veterans

Branch of Service Decals Available

$4.00 each sticker sold separately
(effective 10/9/07)


Branch of Service Seal Sticker Samples
Not Provided by the Secretary of State