Veterans Employment & Education Commission

VETERANS EMPLOYMENT & EDUCATION  COMMISSION      when necessary shall initiate action concerning all matters affecting the economic well-being of veterans and/or the reestablishment of all war veterans returning to civilian life after a period of active service in the Armed Forces of The United States; to keep the Department Commander and Executive Committee informed concerning all developments affection the economic welfare of veterans in all areas under the jurisdiction of the Veterans Employment & Education Commission.  The Commission shall  study and recommend solutions of problems relating the employment, unemployment, underemployment, re-employment, and workers compensation of all war veterans who seek, or have, attachment of the labor force, public or private. The commission shall assist veterans in the enforcement of the veteran’s preference provision of the law in cases which may be referred to it that show a violation of the spirit or letter of said veteran’s preference provisions contained in the Federal Statutes, Federal Civil Service Regulations, Executive Orders, or otherwise in all Federal Governmental employment. The Commission also presents citations to employers who do an outstanding job in hiring the veterans, especially the handicapped Veterans.






Chairman: Dennis R. Tipsword
Vice Chairman: Lawrance A. Hippert

Members by Division:

  1. Lawrance A. Hippert
  2. TBD
  3. Norman W. Flowers, Jr.
  4. Dennis R. Tipsword
  5. Michael Cross