Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

DEPARTMENT VETERANS’ AFFAIRS AND REHABILITATION COMMISSION shall formulate and recommend to the Department Executive Committee, The American Legion policies, plan and programs as they concern all veterans in their physical and vocational rehabilitation, their education, their social and economic readjustment, their entitlement to compensation and pension, and the support of their dependents and survivors, to coordinate the activities of the National Organization in veterans affairs; and to oversee the effectiveness of The American Legion’s Department of Illinois Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation program of service to these war veterans and their dependents in claims for benefits administered by both Federal and State Governments. The commission shall cooperate with the Poppy Commission in the sale of poppies; aid in preparing and sponsoring legislation affecting veterans and their dependents and generally rendering whatever aid it may be able to render to the rehabilitation of veterans and the care of their families. It shall coordinate the Hospital Services Committee. Reports should be periodically made to Department Officers. 

Veterans' Affairs & Rehabilitation Office
2122 W. Taylor Street   Room 106
Chicago, IL 60612
OFFICE: (312) 980-4266
FAX: (312) 706-6675
EMAIL: va&
Director: Wayne Macejak


Chairman: Rodger A. Bennett
Vice Chairman: Tom Nebgen

Members: Ray Toczek, Ashley "Dave" Davis, Elizabeth Elliott